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We solve hard problems in governance, using bleeding edge technology to design for better trust, reliability and improving lives.

What we do

We build blockchain platforms to manage public finance,
for administrators, agencies and citizens.

Managing public finance is a hard problem and policy outcomes are challenging to realise.

We're reinventing governance with a blockchain solution that is secure, smart and easy to use.

Meet ASTU.

Automatic Scheme Track Unifier

The Automated Scheme Track Unifier helps you bring together all your programs for public expense together using three key components.

Jebi, our transaction API lets you interact with all transaction data. Aana-X is where you manage your schemes using the default digital asset Aana. Don't want to use Aanas? That's great, you can create and use your own asset! This is the most secure, easy to use and customisable platform for e-governance on blockchain, ever.

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Governance done right.

Astu uses the following components to achieve secure identity management, end to end tracking, smart contract rule assertions, immutable records, high efficiency and encryption. This is governance done right.

Versatile Digital Asset

Blockchain Data API
Management Tool

Use Case

The Automatic Scheme Track Unifier.
The most functional blockchain public fund management tool for e-governance.

1. Roll Out Program

Bikes for Girls.

State wants to provide 3000 INR to girls in the 8th grade to purchase bicycles to address drop out rates.

2. Secure Flow

Secure Pipeline

Girls sign up; are automatically added to scheme. Schools collect approve and forward beneficiary lists. State verifies and approves the list.

3. Direct Benefits Transfer

Smart Contract Delivery

Benefits are automatically transferred to be spent only as allowed in scheme. Girls are now ready to purchase bicycles for use.

4. Vendor Connect

Purchase and Invoice

Astu allows quick vendor matching and beneficiary authentication of payments. Beneficiaries can now collect their bicycles from the store they chose. Global invoice visibility and traceability of fund movement brings the highest last mile data about fund utility.

Wide Applicability.

ASTU finds use in a wide range of public finance use cases, empowering administrators and citizens to make better decisions.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, blockchain is the underlying technology that powers decentralised ledger networks.
Bitcoin is a global and public cryptocurrency network. It uses blockchain to power it's decentralised protocols and is a new age alternative to traditional financial systems. ASTU or any of the other technology offerings by ChainFrame are not affiliated or linked to bitcoin in any way.
The need for decentralised information ledgers in your existing workflow is not always necessary.
Blockchains work best where there is a problem of trust and reliability. Such technology as ours provides a simple and cost effective means to create systems that you and your users can trust. The sharing of information and activity on our platforms are reported to all participants in your network instantly and serve as a reliable source of truth. Our platforms are efficient in maintaining the integrity of information, automation and enforcement or user-defined rules via smart contracts and the sharing of information, exponentially improving the efficiency of operations.

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Our proprietary tools and technology services can help you breakdown complex tracing and transparency needs on public cryptocurrency networks like Bitcoin, Ethereum as well as your private networks built on Etheruem, Hyperledger, Corda or any of the most leading edge cryptocurrency technologies.

If you're a Financial Institution, Cryptocurrency Exchange, Government or Law Enforcement Agency, our services are perfectly suited to meet your needs. Please get in touch for a free consultation and need assessment.

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